Am I a SuperPATH candidate if I have had previous hip surgery?

Q: I had a right hip fracture repaired with screws and then the screws started coming out and would catch the tendon on the side of my leg, so the surgeon removed them. When I was finally released by the surgeon, I was told I had arthritis in that hip and I should consider a hip replacement. I am still limping around well over a year after surgery. Am I a candidate for SuperPATH hip replacement? If so, how do I begin the process of being evaluated for it?

A: Pretty much anyone who is a candidate for standard hip replacement would be a candidate for a SuperPATH procedure. I have converted many patients from a hip fracture fixation to a total hip replacement with SuperPATH. There are subtleties to the procedure that I may have to adjust/plan for given the increased difficulty of the case.

The evaluation process can be started by simply calling my office @ 602.553.3113 x6. My assistant will be in touch with you regarding obtaining necessary information and pre-operative work-up. More information can be found here & here.