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My 73 yo mother had an unsuccessful hip replacement which has left her with not one day free of pain. I am going to bring her to you for evaluation. What do you do if the bone chips or cracks during the operation?

If the bone cracks during the operation, then I fix it at that time. There are many ways to do so, and they have a wide range of applications depending on the type and location of the crack. I always have a few backup plans on hold if this occurs. The main issue is to […]

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Am I a SuperPATH candidate if I have had previous hip surgery?

Q: I had a right hip fracture repaired with screws and then the screws started coming out and would catch the tendon on the side of my leg, so the surgeon removed them. When I was finally released by the surgeon, I was told I had arthritis in that hip and I should consider a […]

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What is the best bearing-material for my total hip replacement?

This is a topic of much debate right now among surgeons. Probably the best answer is this: There is no perfect bearing surface. That is why there are so many options currently available. I try to carefully select a bearing surface that best utilizes the potential benefits against the potential shortcomings. Here are some common […]

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In total hip replacement, I have heard a larger ball (femoral head) is “better” for post-operative motion limits, etc. Can you set me straight here, please?

I use a very wide variety of head sizes in my practice. There a few main issues to consider here: 1) larger head sizes can increase stability with certain approaches, 2) certain head sizes work better with certain bearing surfaces in terms of long-term wear & 3) head sizes may be limited to size of […]

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How long is the recovery from your joint replacement surgeries?

A very general guide for all joint replacement is:- You will continue to improve for an entire year, even if you feel 100% within weeks after surgery. The following is highly variable, and represents a reasonable baseline. The recovery can be longer depending on the severity of the disease. Most of my patients stop their […]

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How long does a total -vs- partial -vs- revision joint replacement last?

Regarding implant longevity, the short answer is: we don’t know. The point that I need to emphasize is that longevity of an implant is HIGHLY VARIABLE. It really depends on multiple factors. No patient is the same, activity levels vary, accidents can happen, and the modes of failure are numerous and unpredictable. For total joint […]

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What is a “revision” total joint?

Q: If realistically a total joint replacement can fail over time, what about “do-overs”? Are they possible, and can they be effectively performed? A: “Do-overs” (commonly referred to as “revisions”) are becoming more routine. Technology, techniques & knowledge are advancing quickly in this realm. For all of my patients receiving a joint replacement earlier than […]

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