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Medical tourism – setting up the visit

Q: Do you treat patients from out-of-town? A: Flying to Phoenix for surgery is not only feasible, but it is becoming routine in my practice. I have established relationships with local hotels to make this easier. Once I accept you as a patient, our office will contact you regarding all of the necessary pre-operative steps. […]

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Medical tourism – needed information

Q: If I am traveling to see you, what information do you need to accept me as your patient? A: I will need to see 2 main items prior to being able to accept you as a patient: Imaging – xrays, minimum 2 views (pelvis & lateral views are preferred for hips; ap, lateral & […]

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SuperPATH hip restrictions

Q: Will this surgery give me back my mobility in my hip? After hip replacement will I be able to reach my right foot so I can put on a sock or tie a shoe? Will I be able to bend over and touch my toes? What restrictions will I have? I have been told […]

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