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How long do robotic partial knee replacements (MAKOplasties) last?

I really can’t comment on the longevity of our newest-generation partial knee (aka uni-knee arthroplasty, or UKA) implants.   Historically, total knee replacements (aka total knee arthroplasty, or TKA) have nearly a 90% survivorship at 10-15 yrs. Newer-generation TKAs we expect to surpass that, but none of them have been around long enough to say. […]

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You said that your anesthesia protocol involved “local & regional anesthesia”. Is this the same as the “twilight-sleep” I got during my colonoscopy?

You will be completely asleep, and you will have no knowledge or recollection of the surgery. This is far more sedation than your described colonoscopy, but not so much that you would require a machine to “breath” for you.

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How long is the recovery from your joint replacement surgeries?

A very general guide for all joint replacement is:- You will continue to improve for an entire year, even if you feel 100% within weeks after surgery. The following is highly variable, and represents a reasonable baseline. The recovery can be longer depending on the severity of the disease. Most of my patients stop their […]

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How long does a total -vs- partial -vs- revision joint replacement last?

Regarding implant longevity, the short answer is: we don’t know. The point that I need to emphasize is that longevity of an implant is HIGHLY VARIABLE. It really depends on multiple factors. No patient is the same, activity levels vary, accidents can happen, and the modes of failure are numerous and unpredictable. For total joint […]

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The “30 year” total knee

Q: On TV, they talk of a knee replacement that has a life of 30 years… does yours last that long? A: First, I must say that I DO use a fair amount of this technology in my practice for my total knees (you will find me on the Smith & Nephew website, and […]

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Medical tourism – needed information

Q: If I am traveling to see you, what information do you need to accept me as your patient? A: I will need to see 2 main items prior to being able to accept you as a patient: Imaging – xrays, minimum 2 views (pelvis & lateral views are preferred for hips; ap, lateral & […]

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Patellofemoral replacement

Q: One of my colleagues just heard Dr. Chow speak at a conference last week and was very impressed. I am a Physical Therapist who has Grade IV patellofemoral changes bilaterally. Does Dr. Chow do patellofemoral replacments? A: The quick answer is “yes”: I do robotically-assisted limited patellofemoral (PF) replacements. To more fully answer your […]

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Knee replacement -vs- partial knee replacement

Q: I would like to know more about your knee replacement techniques. I am in my mid-50s, and have been told that I have bone-on-bone arthritis in my knee. A: What I can provide for you really depends upon the location and severity of the arthritis in your knee. If the bone-on-bone arthritis is limited […]

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Medical tourism – a joint replacement in 1 week

Q: Can I fly in the day before surgery, then fly home the day after? A: Even though your hospital stay will likely be 24hrs, I will require you to make a 1 week commitment for your safety: Fri – initial clinic visit (physical exam, xrays*, pre-op workup) & pre-op assessment in hospital Sat – […]

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Medical tourism – setting up the visit

Q: Do you treat patients from out-of-town? A: Flying to Phoenix for surgery is not only feasible, but it is becoming routine in my practice. I have established relationships with local hotels to make this easier. Once I accept you as a patient, our office will contact you regarding all of the necessary pre-operative steps. […]

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