For an elderly patient with known heart blockage, is a stress-test necessary for a micro-invasive hip replacement (SuperPATH)?

My 73 yo mother had an unsuccessful hip replacement which has left her with not one day free of pain. I am going to bring her to you for evaluation. What do you do if the bone chips or cracks during the operation?

What do you think about doing simultaneous bilateral Total Hip Replacement (THR) vs. 2-stage bilateral THR? Would I need a urinary catheter for one THR or simultaneous THR?

Am I a SuperPATH candidate if I have had previous hip surgery?

How long do robotic partial knee replacements (MAKOplasties) last?

Are your procedures covered by Medicare and AARP Medicare Supplement?

How do you feel about “rocker bottom” (ie- MBT, Sketcher’s Shape Up, etc) shoes for people with hip or knee issues?

You said that your anesthesia protocol involved “local & regional anesthesia”. Is this the same as the “twilight-sleep” I got during my colonoscopy?

What is the best bearing-material for my total hip replacement?

In total hip replacement, I have heard a larger ball (femoral head) is “better” for post-operative motion limits, etc. Can you set me straight here, please?