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SuperPATH Hip Restrictions

Q: Will this surgery give me back my mobility in my hip? After hip replacement will I be able to reach my right foot so I can put on a sock or tie a shoe? Will I be able to bend over and touch my toes? What restrictions will I have? I have been told I will need to avoid activities, such as these, to avoid dislocating the total hip once it is replaced.

A: The SuperPATH hip replacement was specifically designed to allow for your natural movement without restrictions. After surgery, you will be allowed to do ALL activities of daily living (tie shoes, cross legs, put on socks, etc.) nearly immediately after surgery if you want. However, please remember that if it has been some time since you have been able to do those things, it may take time to regain that flexibility & strength. In severe cases, this can take months, but in mild cases, this can be within hours to days. As you continue to heal, you will be able to participate in almost all low-impact recreational activities (hiking, dancing, biking, tennis, reasonable skiing without jumps or moguls, yoga, swimming, etc.). I prefer that you avoid high-impact activities (such as running, jogging, jumping, heavy-lifting, basketball, soccer, football, etc). You will still likely be able to do those things, but high-impact activities can shorten the life of the implant.

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