For an elderly patient with known heart blockage, is a stress-test necessary for a micro-invasive hip replacement (SuperPATH)?

The decision to have a stress test is left to the discretion of your cardiologist. Like any procedure, a thorough pre-operative workup is required for your safety. This includes general medical clearance, as well as any specialty clearance that is deemed necessary (depending on any pre-existing conditions). This would likely involve some sort of cardiac […]

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My 73 yo mother had an unsuccessful hip replacement which has left her with not one day free of pain. I am going to bring her to you for evaluation. What do you do if the bone chips or cracks during the operation?

If the bone cracks during the operation, then I fix it at that time. There are many ways to do so, and they have a wide range of applications depending on the type and location of the crack. I always have a few backup plans on hold if this occurs. The main issue is to […]

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What do you think about doing simultaneous bilateral Total Hip Replacement (THR) vs. 2-stage bilateral THR? Would I need a urinary catheter for one THR or simultaneous THR?

I prefer to do bilateral (both) hips as a staged procedure, one THR then the other 6 wks later. I have on occasion done simultaneous bilateral THRs, but only on my healthiest patients, since it can be more dangerous in terms of blood clot, blood loss & cardiac risk. I almost never use a catheter, […]

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Am I a SuperPATH candidate if I have had previous hip surgery?

Q: I had a right hip fracture repaired with screws and then the screws started coming out and would catch the tendon on the side of my leg, so the surgeon removed them. When I was finally released by the surgeon, I was told I had arthritis in that hip and I should consider a […]

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How long do robotic partial knee replacements (MAKOplasties) last?

I really can’t comment on the longevity of our newest-generation partial knee (aka uni-knee arthroplasty, or UKA) implants.   Historically, total knee replacements (aka total knee arthroplasty, or TKA) have nearly a 90% survivorship at 10-15 yrs. Newer-generation TKAs we expect to surpass that, but none of them have been around long enough to say. […]

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