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Founded by Dr. James Chiu-Yung Chow in Mount Vernon, Illinois in 1999, the Chow ISAKOS Fellowship originally was an ISAKOS-accredited observational fellowship with a focus on Arthroscopic Surgery. It was founded under the Orthopaedic Research Foundation of Southern Illinois (ORFSI) and has since become a competitive fellowship which continues to train Key Opinion Leaders in orthopaedic surgery. Today, we are proud to have trained an elite group of surgeons from around the world. Many of our fellows continue to honor us as leaders in their respective countries and disciplines.

In 2014, the Chow ISAKOS Fellowship relocated to Phoenix, Arizona as a combined Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy fellowship with a specific focus on the hip and knee. ORFSI is now known as the Chow Orthopaedic Research Foundation. Working with Dr. Jimmy Chow (son, and graduate fellow) at Chow Surgical, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona, fellows are trained in all aspects of adult reconstruction, joint replacement, and related sports medicine.

The fellowship continues its mission to build a strong community of thought-leaders who can work together to influence industry. Through this fellowship, physicians become part of a highly collaborative network of physicians that strive to impact orthopaedics on a global level. It remains one of only a limited number of ISAKOS-accredited fellowships in the USA.

Surgeons who complete this fellowship become part of a highly trained group of physicians who can support one another within the framework our 5 Core Values:

  1. Knowledge - The perpetual quest for lifelong learning is the basic tenet of any pursuit for excellence.
  2. Questioning - It is not enough to simply remember something, or the “how” of a concept. It is equally important to understand the “why” of that concept. Only with persistent questioning can we fully evaluate a concept, and potentially discover better answers for ourselves and our patients. Be curious and question everything.
  3. History - We must strive to answer all questions with a historical basis. By studying history, we learn not only to avoid mistakes of the past, but also discover potential solutions that have renewed relevance with modern technology and perspectives.
  4. Collaboration - We are stronger together and we enrich each other through collaboration. By building a fraternity of thought-leaders with widely varying backgrounds (different geographical locations, education, markets, and experiences), we can share those differing viewpoints and fully understand problems beyond the colloquial perspective. Additionally, we become a force against thought stagnation and political academic suppression.
  5. Innovation - With expertise comes the power to create solutions to problems that remain true to the other 4 core values. Innovation can range from implant design to new ways to run a practice, or from novel treatments to new ways to teach. Innovation has the least risk and the most impact when it leverages the other 4 core values.

How to apply: For fellowship inquiries, please email

  • Arthritis Foundation
  • UIC Education
  • AAOS
  • Stanford University
  • New England Baptist Hospital