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JOURNEY II Active Knee Solutions

Aren't all total knee implants the same?

In theory, yes, all total knee implants are intended for the same purpose: the elimination of painful bone-on-bone contact, and the restoration of motion and function to the joint. In reality, however, the way each implant is designed, built and implanted not only makes them different, but can have an impact on how well they perform for each patient.

How your knees move

Commonly described as a hinge joint, your knees actually do much more than simply swing back and forth. In fact, every time your knee bends, forces in and around the joint work together to produce a subtle and complex rotational movement that you don't even realize is there. However, if this rotational movement is removed, the change can be felt in the muscles and ligaments through the entire leg.

The JOURNEY II AKS difference


One of the most remarkable breakthroughs in design of total knee replacements has been the creation of the JOURNEY II Active Knee Solutions. Designed using the latest in human simulation software, and built using some of the most wear-resistant materials available, this unique implant was designed to address two of the most common concerns associated with knee replacement implants: implant wear and implant feel.

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