iOrtho: Combining Intelligent Orthopedic Solutions

Technological advances have improved different aspects of orthopedic medical care. However, cutting edge solutions are usually utilized one-at-a-time independently. Patients often have to select a surgeon depending on whether they use modern implants, practice minimally-invasive surgery, utilize robotic surgery, or do computer-assisted surgery.

Intelligent orthopedics is the practice of combining all available technologies in a cost-effective solution, so that patients can experience every advantage that technology brings to modern medicine. Patients do not need to choose the technology, since we use it all together to produce the best possible outcomes. Additionally, we track those outcomes using data analytic technology to improve the safety and performance of all of our current and future patients.

Credibility Links

  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
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  • Arthritis Foundation
  • University of Illinois at Chicago